Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, January 18, 2016, is an ideal opportunity to highlight the importance of mentoring. Use the day to honor mentors in your community, recruit new mentors, provide training to mentoring programs or encourage mentor pairs to serve together. Visit for more information.

Initiated by Congress in 1994, King Day of Service aims to transform the federal holiday honoring Dr. King into a national day of community service grounded in his teachings of nonviolence and social justice. Instead of being just another day off from school or work, the holiday gives people of all ages and backgrounds a chance to come together to strengthen their community, bridge social barriers and move our nation closer to the "beloved community" that Dr. King envisioned.

There are several ways to help. For example, your organization can:

  • Sponsor and organize a single service project.
  • Sponsor and organize a variety of service projects.
  • Form teams to volunteer.
  • Encourage friends, colleagues and families to seek out service projects in their hometowns.
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